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Air Conditioners

Air conditioners account for about 6.5% of energy used in our homes and let’s face it, do we really need them.  Installing ceiling fans to supplement or replace air conditioners could greatly reduce our consumption as they generally use less electricity.

To conserve energy in the use of air conditioners, kindly observe the following:

  • Set your thermostat comfortably high.  Set your thermostat at 25°C instead of in the tens of low 20s and you probably couldn’t tell the difference, even though every degree less than 26°C results in noticeably higher bills.  Increasing the setting by only 1°C could save you a lot of money!
  • For older air conditioners, use a power controlling device to reduce the energy consumption of the AC’s electric motor. 
  • In ghana, the Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling Bill, LI 1815 has been passed for air-conditioners and fluorescent lamps.  Look for the energy efficiency label when replacing or buying a new air conditioner.  Select a high efficiency model when replacing:  a five star rating is highest and is highly recommended.  This uses less energy and could save you a lot of money annually.
  • Make sure air conditioners are properly maintained.
  • Make sure air conditioned spaces are properly sealed, keep doors closed while in use and check for holes or cracks around windows, doors, and ceilings that can leak cool air or allow warm air to enter.  It is not recommended to use air conditioners in rooms with louver blades. 
  • Keep the window curtains closed during the day to prevent the sun entering.
  • Turn off uneccesary lights; they produce heat which works against the air conditioning. 
  • Switch off air conditioners at the end of the day and when leaving the office for long periods such as lunch break

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