Electro Volta House, Accra - Ghana

About the ESIA

The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) study, completed in 2016, covered an area for elevation 170m. Since the dam elevation has been reduced to elevation 165m, there is the need to update the ESIA and Prepare a Resettlement Action Plan for the Project affected persons.

The ESIA process involves collecting baseline data related to a range of physical, biological and social factors in the local area. Positive and negative impacts occurring in the construction, operation and decommissioning phases will be assessed for significance. Mitigation, enhancement and management measures will be developed. The ESIA study will look for better ways of doing things so that the negative impacts are eliminated or minimized, and the benefits are enhanced. The ESIA will lead to environmental and social management and monitoring plans for construction and operation activities.

A consultant, Tractebel Engineering, has been contracted to develop the ESIA.