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Pwalugu Multi-Purpose Dam Project

VRA started work on the Pwalugu Dam as far as the early nineties when it conducted prefeasibility studies on potential hydro sites in the White, Black and Oti River Basins. The current project activities started in 2013 when VRA, with financial support from the Agence Francaise de Development of France and technical support from the World Bank, initiated a feasibility study as well as an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the construction of a Multi-Purpose Dam and Irrigation Scheme...

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Project Components

The Pwalugu Multi-Purpose Dam Project will comprise the following components:

• A dam with maximum reservoir area of 260 km2 and full supply level of 165m
• A 60 MW power house with two (2) turbines
• A 20-metre-high weir with primary and secondary canals for a 25,000-hectare irrigation scheme
• 15km overhead transmission line
• A 50MW Solar Hybrid Plant

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