Electro Volta House, Accra - Ghana

Project Description

The primary components of the Project are:

  • A dam with an elevation of 165m near the Pwalugu Bridge on the White Volta River and with a maximum reservoir area of 350 km2.
  • A powerhouse consisting of two turbines with 60MW of installed capacity and 16.5 MW of firm continuous capacity.
  • An Irrigation Scheme consisting of a 12m high weir and canal network (main, primary, secondary and tertiary canals) for about 25,000 ha of land.
The Project area is located on the White Volta River in Ghana, about 16km east of Pwalugu Bridge on the main Tamale-Bolgatanga road. The White Volta River at the dam site is the boundary between the Upper East Region and the North East Region. The coordinated operation of the Pwalugu Dam with the Bagré Dam upstream on the White Volta River in Burkina Faso and with the Akosombo and Kpong dams downstream on the White Volta River is essential for river basin management. The dam will be a central roller compacted concrete combined and earth and rock fill dam on the banks.