Non-Power Activities

The Volta River Authority (VRA) administers Local Authority functions in Akosombo Township in accordance with Executive Instrument (EI) 42, 1989, the VRA administers and exercises Local Authority functions in Akosombo Township. It also manages and provides property, facility management, property development and security services to the Akosombo Township and the VRA community (Township) at Akuse.

The Authority continues to manage its first and second cycle schools located at Aboadze, Akosombo and Akuse as well as provide for the health needs of staff, their dependents and local communities within its operational areas; Akosombo, Aboadze, Akuse and Accra.

VRA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Asuogyaman District Health Management Team (DHMT) to provide services to communities along the Volta Lake in the fight against Malaria, Bilharzia and other water-borne diseases. In addition, the VRA with the assistance of the John Hopkins University Center for Communication has developed a Strategy document for malaria control. The document sets out the framework for action by VRA to create a malaria-free environment for its workforce, their families and the surrounding communities.

VRA also maintains a dredging programme at the estuary of the Volta River at Ada to reduce the incidence of Bilharzia, and to restore the ecosystem in the area. Furthermore, VRA runs afforestation programmes aimed at reducing siltation of the Volta Lake through the restoration of permanent vegetative cover on the slopes bordering the Lake.