VRA Health Services

VRA Health Services was intially established in 1964 as a Medical Service Unit in Akosombo. Later, it was transformed into the Health and Safety Department and subsequently, the Health Services Department.

In February 2014, it was incorporated as a limited liability company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the VRA, established under the Volta River Development Act, 1961 (Act 46).

VRA Health Services was established to safeguard the health and safety of VRA employees, their families and dependents, the inhabitants of the Akosombo Township and the lakeside area. VRA Health Services also privdes social responsibility for communities alongside the river banks and those impacted by VRA's operations.

In line with VRA's expansion, our services are opened also to the general public and have now extended to Aboadze, Accra and Akuse.

Vision Statement

Touching lives with Quality Healthcare at all times.


To provide and maintain quality health delivery service that meets the health needs of all our clients using modern technology, within a clean and healthy environment whilst satisfying stakeholders' expectations.

Core Values

  • Teamwowrk - Working cooperatively with others to achieve objectives
  • Integrity - Being impartial, fair, honest and acting professionally at all times
  • Commitment - Practising our values consistently, striving for operational excellence
  • Confidentiality - Keep patient's personal health information private

Key Services

  • Provision of generalized, specialized care and preventive health services in all VRA locations
  • Community health services in Akosombo and Aboadze