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January, 2016 News

Have Confidence in Leadership - Chief Executive

The Chief Executive (CE) of the Volta River Authority (VRA) Ing. Isaac Kirk Koffi has urged management and staff to have confidence in the leadership of the Authority and believe in the future of the Authority's operations.

The CE said for the Authority to continue making positive strides, staff have the responsibility of trusting their leaders across all levels and also believe in the brighter prospects of the Authority.

"This year, my main message for all staff is for them to continue to trust their leaders, from their supervisors through to Heads of Units and Departments, Branch Heads and then me your Chief Executive. I also want us to be very positive about the future. The future is bright and I want us to keep believing in the future," he indicated.

Ing. Kirk Koffi said this when he led the Executive team and some Directors to perform the annual new year ritual of greeting staff within the operational areas of the Authority.

The Annual New Year greetings
The annual New Year greetings afford the Chief Executive and his team the opportunity to wish staff the best of the start of a new labour year and also inspire them to give out their best in the discharge of their duties.

Core Business
Speaking to staff, the Chief Executive Ing. Kirk Koffi disclosed that despite the challenges that the Authority was faced with in 2015, its plants have recorded the highest availability in the year under review. "Challenges here have to do with low water inflow since we all know that as a hydro department which is one of our core businesses, our main source of fuel is water and availability of water has been a great challenge for us in 2015 yet we managed to make available our facility with the little inflow that came," he said.

Ing Kirk Koffi noted that according to the Meteorological Department, inflows for this year will be unfavourable but that would not prevent the Authority from planning and working with what is available so as to continue providing power to Ghanaians. He said the demand for power in Ghana is on the increase between 11-12% annually making it very necessary for more investment in the thermal sector with hydro generation as a backbone.

Ing. Kirk Koffi commended staff for their positive attitude towards work saying it proves that we run a system.

Strategic Business Units (SBUs)
At the VRA International School, VRA PROPCO and VRA Hospitals which constitute the Authority's Strategic Business Units (SBUs), Ing Kirk Koffi urged staff of the SBUs to remain committed to transforming their various units through the provision of improved services in order to succeed.

He advised them to benchmark themselves against the standards of their various industry players who are excelling in their fields of operation.

Ing. Kirk Koffi assured staff of the SBUs of the commitment on the part of management to invest in in their infrastructure so as to position them well ahead of the competition.

Ing. Kirk I. Koffi (Chief Executive) and his deputies exchanging pleasantries with a section of staff.

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