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Welcome to the e-Management Information Systems (e-MIS) Page.

Here, you will find on-line databases pertaining to Management Information Systems (MIS). The page is intended to assist staff improve on their knowledge in the field of management information systems by acquiring diverse operational expertise from other organizations.

This page provides a collection of online databases to enable users access useful articles and resources on management information systems.

Follow the links below to access relevant MIS resources:


Follow the links below to access other relevant MIS resources:

  1. A Risk Analysis Model to Reduce Computer Security Risks Among Healthcare Organization.
  2. Emerald Insight: Information Management & Computer Security.
  3. Emerald Insight: Commercial Security on the Internet.
  4. Emerald Insight: Security and data integrity for LANs and WANs.
  5. Emerald Insight: An analysis of the security-enforcing features of open and distributed Computer systems.
  6. Implementing Security and Integrity in Micro-Mainframe Networks.
  7. Implications of Formal Production Information Systems for Production Management.
  8. Information Security Policy (Best Practice Document).
  9. Intelligence Decision Systems in Enterprise Information Management.
  10. Tackling Computer Security.
  11. The Complexity of Computer Security.
  12. The Importance of Management Information Systems.