e-engineering online resources


Welcome to the e-Engineering Page.

Here, you will find on-line databases pertaining to Engineering. The page is intended to assist staff improve on their knowledge in the field of engineering by acquiring diverse operational expertise from other organizations.

This page provides a collection of online databases to enable users access useful articles and resources on engineering.

Follow the links below to access relevant Engineering resources:

  1. Annual Reviews - Subject: - Biomedical/Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences. 

  1. EBSCO HOST - Subjects – Multidisciplinary

  2. Emerald - Subject: - Management, Business, Library and Information Management, Engineering, Computer

  3. Instititue of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) - Subject: - Electrical and Electronics.
  1. JSTOR - Subject: - Multidisciplinary.

  2. Nature Publishing Group - Subject:- Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Clinical Practice and Research, Earth and Environment.

  3. Sage Online Journals - Subject: - Multidisciplinary.

  4. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers - Subject: - Biological Engineering, Applied Engineering in Agriculture etc.

  5. Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) - Subjects – Agricultural Sciences, Applied Social Sciences , Biological Sciences, Chemistry , Engineering, Exact and Earth Sciences, Geosciences, Health Sciences, Humanities, Linguistics, Letters and Arts, Mathematics, Social Science.

  6. SCIENCEDIRECT Subject: - Multidisciplinary

  7. Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator - Subject: - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences , Biology, Life Sciences and Basic Medicine, Agriculture and Food Sciences, General Medicine, Social Medicine, and Nursing Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering in General, Nanosciences and Materials Sciences, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Sciences, Interdisciplinary Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences.

  8. Sage Online - Subject: - Social Science & Humanities, Health Sciences, Life & Biomedical Sciences Materials Science & Engineering.

  9. Google Scholar - Subject: - Multidisciplinary.

  10. Multi-Science Publishing - Subject: - Science and technology.

  11. CREDO