e-AUDIT online resources


Welcome to the e-Audit Page.

Here, you will find on-line databases pertaining to Audit. The page is intended to assist staff improve on their knowledge in the field of audit by acquiring diverse operational expertise from other organizations.

This page provides a collection of online databases to enable users access useful articles and resources on audit.

Follow the links below to access relevant Audit resources:


Follow the links below to access other relevant Audit resources:


Audit e-Journals

  1. Auditing e-Journal
  2. International Financial Audit Standards
  3. International Journal of Auditing
  4. Internal Auditing (Online Subscription)


Best Practices in Audit

  1. Best Practices in Auditing
  2. Auditing Best Practices
  3. Best Practices for Audit Guide
  4. IT Security Auditing: Best Practices for Conducting Audits
  5. Risk-Based Audit Best Practices
  6. Best Practices for Audit Efficiency


Special Resources

  1. Corporate Accounting Codes