• The goal of Organizational Learning is to strategically set out models and resources to enable an organization outperform its market competitors.

  • The organizational learning module of VRA's Knowledge Management Portal looks into the establishment of effective models and operational strategies that improve the skill of staff and teams to lower downtimes and improve the availability margins of the Authority's generating units. The module also provides “uninterrupted and ready access” to useful information for non-technical staff of the Authority.

    On this page, non-technical reports from various non-technical departments within VRA have been provided for reference.

  • Also, an e-Chat Room where staff can engage the Non-Technical Officer in the Organizational Learning Unit in live chat sessions has been provided. The chat room offers non-technical staff the opportunity to non-technical issues online, as well as share ideas and suggestions.

Follow the links below to access non-technical resources about VRA:


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Resources on VRA's History and Formation

  1. History of VRA (Maxon's Account).
  2. Inauguration of Volta River Authority.
  3. Biodata of Chief Executives (1961 - 2009)
  4. Volta River Authority Standing Orders (Adopted December 28, 1961)

Resources on VRA Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

  1. Guidelines on the use of VRA logo
  2. How to prepare Policies and Procedures

Resources on VRA Departments

  1. Overview of the Procurement Department

Resources on VRA's Human Resource

  1. HR Business Processes and Procedures
  2. Oracle HRMS Self-service Training Resource
  3. Oracle HRMS Self-service User Manual
  4. Performance Management System Balanced Scorecard Process Flow Chart
  5. HR Self Service Learning Management