FRENCH learning

Welcome to the French Learning Virtual Platform of the Volta River Authority

In this page you have the opportunity to learn French by yourself for effective communication in and outside your work location.

Here, you will have access to the FRENCH to ENGLISH and ENGLISH to FRENCH Dictionaries. Audios files in French for oral French lessons are also available for practical lessons.

Self – Test questions are also part of this virtual class to enable you do self-examination.

Enjoy our Virtual Classroom for French for Effective Communication!

Below are some online resources to get started with:


  1. Free English to French Dictionary

  2. Boyer's French to English Dictionary : Abel Boyer

  3. Dictionnaire français↔anglais English↔French Dictionary (Franklin)

  4. English to French (Dictionary) - 4shared

  1. Boyer's English to French Dictionary

  2. Collins Robert French Dictionary

  3. English To French Dictionary