Healthcare Community of Practice (HC CoP) is a group of individuals working to identify, define and develop best practices. Essentially it is a group of professionals, informally or formally bound together through exposure to a common set problems or pursuit of a common set of solutions.

Their focus is to establish a dynamic and collaborative environment to examine topics of interest to the community such as a basic understanding of the role of Healthcare in the grand scheme of Power Generation in Ghana.

The rationale for using the CoP approach is that it:
- Will improve service delivery and enhances individual and organizational learning
- Will increase ownership and helps shape policy through sharing knowledge and experiences

CoPs are at the centre to serve as the main facilitator in creating interaction and real-time sharing of ideas, resources and experiences with and between staff of the Authority.

Follow the links below to access relevant Healthcare resources:



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  11. CREDO




Physician Assistants


Lab Technicians


Medical Practice

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